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Hashrate Asset Group has built the world's first sustainable, compliant and transparent Bitcoin standard arithmetic operating model. HAG Token allows investors to join our ecosystem and receive a real-time return on your investment.

Hashrate Asset Group's mining farm is located in U.S. and managed by industry-leading professionals from Bitmain, PIMCO and Goldman Sachs. 

Security token offering (STO): 

A type of public offering in which tokenized digital securities sold in exchange.

HAG is a security token with direct access to long-term BTC mine & hold.



Perpetual Hashrate

  • Revenue reserve for perpetual hashing power

  • Agile to market movement


Compliance & Accessibility

  • Fully compliance

  • SEC-filed

  • Multiple currency acceptance – in BTC/ETH/USDC/USD


Transparency & Timely Allocation

  • 3rd party audit

  • Monthly dividends

  • Smart-contract onchain allocation


Experienced Team

  • Professional & diversified background

  • Prestigious members in industry

HAG Profit Allocation

Token Holder

70% Bitcoin net yield is converted into WBTC by the custodian and distributed to HAG holders on a monthly basis.

*Management team reserves the power on distribution frequency due to hashing rate


30% BTC net yield goes into the reserve pool, which is used to maintain constant arithmetic power through rational operation.



NFT Airdrop

OG will receive a non-transferable NFT as a symbol of honorable identity.


BTC Airdrop

OG will receive additional, aperiodic WBTC dividend airdrops.

Annual Investor Conference Access

OG has exclusive access to our annual investor conference - a valuable opportunity to hear from the management team and share your views with investors from all over the world.

Crypto Events Invitation

HAG will reserve slots for OGs in the main crypto events globally.


Exclusive Merch

Watch your mailbox! You may be able to spot a gift from us.


... and more

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